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Several bands and artists from the US and England contributed to the soundtrack for "I'd Rather Be...Gone." This page includes brief information on each of them, as well as free MP3 downloads of songs used in the movie (unless otherwise noted). All of the artists have granted us permission to have their MP3 appear on this site.

  • The Czars: This Denver-based band's CD "before...but longer" is their first one on Simon Raymonde's bella union record label. Their second album on bella union, tentatively titled "The Ugly People vs. The Beautiful People," will be released in the fall 2001. The Czars wrote several original songs for the soundtrack, all of which have been released as a 3-inch miniCD on Toronto's Absalom Recordings.

    MP3 Download: "Drug"

  • Gwei-lo: This band's first release, also on the bella union label, is a testament to the work of the late Al Brooker, the band's guitarist who passed away in June 2000. It's a huge honor to be able to feature Al's work in this movie. Although the MP3 below does not appear in the movie, it's a favorite of the band's and appears here as a remembrance to Al.

    MP3 Download: "Cellsong"

  • Charan Devereaux: Charan is the executive producer of "Respond," a benefit compilation of women songwriters (including Charan) that has raised more that $100,000 for a domestic violence shelter. "Respond" was named the #1 album of the year (1999) by the editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine. Ms. Devereaux is contributing not only the title track to the movie, but others that we've aptly labeled "Rocky's song," "the travel song," and "the country song."

    MP3 Download: "Downtown"

  • Bionic SF: We're very happy to have this band on the soundtrack, before they become an international dance phenomenon! Bionic SF has appeared on the compilation "Unknownwerks" on the Astralwerks label, and the "club scene" track from the movie (available as an MP3 below) will be appearing soon on an Om Records compilation.

    MP3 Download: "Can U Love Me"

  • Freakacentric Groove Productions: Based in London, this eclectic yet funky band has graciously donated the use of two songs, "Party Freaks" and "Lost Beginnings." The band is currently working on several new tracks.

    MP3 Download: "Party Freaks"

  • Steven Newcomb: Steve is an unlikely and non-public pianist who somehow manages to turn a mass of finger fumbling into classical music. He does this despite the fact that he is half-paralyzed in his left hand, can't read music, and has never been classically trained. He refuses to sell any of his music, and anyone is welcome to it.

    MP3 Download: "Arpeggio No. 1"