Amy Kelly has done theatre all of her life, with characters ranging from housewife to slut to lesbian to male prisoner. At age 15, Amy Kelly began to study professionally with The Fantasy Theatre Company under the supervision of Buck Busfield and his brother, Timothy Busfield, of "Thirty-Something" fame. Under the brothers' consultation, she attended the prestigious California Institute of the Arts Theatre School. In 1998, at age 22, she made her feature film debut as Terra in Steve Balderson's Pep Squad. Her comedic performance as the blundering villainous has been critically acclaimed worldwide. Critic Jan Biles has written of Amy, "Kelly, a natural on-screen talent, can swing from slapstick to drama in a flash. Think Lucille Ball, Joanne Warwick and Bette Midler to get an inkling of the actress' style." During the last two years, Amy Kelly has appeared in several independent films, namely, Maria Breaux's I'd Rather Be...Gone and Nicholas Debot's La Philosophe.