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Principal Cast

Maria Breaux (Writer, Director, Producer, "Michelle"): Maria Breaux wrote a bunch of plays before deciding to spend a lot of time, money, and sanity on a feature-length film. This is her first independent feature and her first film of any kind. She currently makes her living in the hi-tech computer gulch of San Francisco, but has, in the past, had solo performances, staged readings, and plays at such SF spots as San Francisco State University, Stanford University, Build, Victoria Theatre, Climate Theatre, Brava! for Women in the Arts, New Conservatory Theatre, and Josie's Cabaret and Juice Joint (when it existed!). She was co-founder of the now-defunct sketch comedy group Baby Snatching Dingoes, and was the winner of the 1996 Highsmith Playwriting Award. She pays daily homage to the goddess Dakota (her 3-year-old daughter). Her ultimate goal in life is to attain the distinction of being described as "neo-Kerouacian." Short of that, "Maria" will do.

Amy Kelly (Co-Script Developer, "April"): Amy Kelly has done theatre all of her life, with characters ranging from housewife to slut to lesbian to male prisoner. At age 15, Amy Kelly began to study professionally with The Fantasy Theatre Company under the supervision of Buck Busfield and his brother, Timothy Busfield, of "Thirty-Something" fame. Under the brothers' consultation, she attended the prestigious California Institute of the Arts Theatre School. In 1998, at age 22, she made her feature film debut as Terra in Steve Balderson's Pep Squad. Her comedic performance as the blundering villainous has been critically acclaimed worldwide. Critic Jan Biles has written of Amy, "Kelly, a natural on-screen talent, can swing from slapstick to drama in a flash. Think Lucille Ball, Joanne Warwick and Bette Midler to get an inkling of the actress' style." During the last two years, Amy Kelly has appeared in several independent films, namely, Nicholas Debot's "La Philosophe," shot in Stockholm, Sweden. Physical, non-physical, and psychological comedian, Amy will someday get paid a lot of money for being a big idiot. She's scheduled to appear in Balderson's next movie, Firecracker, which will begin filming in April 2001.

Csilla Horvath ("Rocky"): "I'd Rather Be...Gone" is Csilla's third performance in an independent film. She has also appeared in "Fox," written and directed by Alexandar Lewis, and "Stuck," written and directed by David Owen and Paul Anderson. Csilla is a proud co-founder of Wits End Theatre Company, where her true passion lies-creating and presenting plays for the stage. She holds a BA in Theatre from San Francisco State University, where her fondest performance memory was the character of Rose in Dancing at Lughnasa, directed by Rod Hipskind. She wants to thank Maria Breaux and Amy Kelly for giving her the opportunity to play Rocky and for all the laughs. Thanks also to Hilda for all her hard work and help. Thanks to Aaron and Tonje for their expertise in filming and to Richard for destroying Csilla's hair each day. "You're the best. I love you all!"


Editor: Marisol McIlvain
Directors of Photography/Camera Operators: Aaron McIlvain and Tonje Hoel
Sound: Aaron McIlvain and Tonje Hoel
Lighting: Tonje Hoel
Props/First Production Assistant: Hilda Roe
Makeup and Hair: Richard Bois
Costumes: Cynthia Billops
Additional Production Assistance: Amy Kelly, Leah Sneider, Debbie Sholin, and David Breaux
Sound Mixing: Marisol McIvain
Web Site Design: Joanna Choy
Web Site Construction: Kevin Wong, Joanna Choy, and Maria Breaux
Poster Design: Rina Mallick
Investor: Manish Mallick
Sound Equipment Rental: Rental Express Video
Camera Rental: Mike de Guzman

Supporting Cast (in order of appearance)

June Sparagna: Sophia
Sarah Fatemi: Patty
Marisol MacIlvain: Trudy

Additional Cast (in order of appearance)

Aaron MacIlvain: Bob
Bob Martinez: Carl
Bettina Devin: Project Manager
Jo Streit: Superior
Cynthia Billops: Delivery Chick
Gene Boucher: AA Member #1
Te-Wei Sun: AA Member #2
Melissa Hurley: AA Member #3
Kenny Shults: AA Group Leader
Mark Cross: AA Guy
Kevin Wong: AA Member #4
Leah Genone: AA Member #5
Gina Rossi: Interviewer
Richard Bois: Hairdresser
Alex Thomas: Kid in Classroom
Spike Clem: Pee Kid in Classroom
Brenda Lamberty: Street Preacher
Sabrina Alonso: First Woman
Tonje Hoel: Second Woman
Jeanine Gore: Third Woman
Melessa Bratten: Fourth Woman
David Skillman: First Man
Anna Kingley: Fifth Woman
Antonio Morton: Staircase Man
Kerryn Wood: The Electrician
Marcella Gries: Homeowner Chick
Angela Messina: Kissing Woman
Cyrus Nassiri: Yuppie Man
Deanna Morgan: Yuppie Woman
Lara Fisher: Club Woman
Sarah MacGovern: Club Dancer
Kim Jiang: Clubbie #1
Meridith Crosley: Principal
Kerryn Wood: Voice of Dorian
Mike Smith: Loman
Brandon Connor: Andrew
Dan Carlos: John
Ariel Davis: Sam
David Breaux: Valentino
Christel Joy Johnson: Christel
Erin Pullen: Clara
Natalie Sanfiorenzo: Social Chick
Brandon Turner: Frat Guy #1
Michael Kroeker: Frat Guy #2
Krystal Weekes: Picture of Dorian
J.C.: Pedro